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December 23, 2010 - Posted by admin

“Sino nga ba siya?” is the title of our Popstar Princess’ newest music video that will be aired any time by now,
before the year ends!
The song is all about how a man manages to choose another woman despite the effort and time given to him by his former lover.

The lover portrayed by our Popstar Princess internalized deeply to achieve the feeling needed in the music video.Tears poured over her pretty eyes as she internalized. What was she thinking? Maybe it’s the feeling that everyone feels whenever we’re sad and alone in a quiet room where the deeper we think, more emotion emerges. Have you felt that feeling of floating like you’re in heaven? Of course, everybody does. That’s what our beloved Sarah felt while enacting some romantic scenes with the mysterious guy. Haven’t you noticed that you are smiling whenever you think of happy thoughts? Our beloved Sarah did it very well.

In this music video, you will see the romantic side of our dearest Sarah. She portrayed her character very well as if she had felt it before. She was very much in love with the guy but her world turned upside down when the guy replaced her to somebody else. What characteristic does she have that the role of our Popstar Princess doesn’t have? The music video shoot is just a glimpse of how our Popstar Princess would feel if somebody hurt her. This is a music video. Plain fiction.

The music video will be aired on MYX Philippines. Don’t forget to vote! Make it number 1! The song will be included in her newest music album to be released soon!

What would you do if our Popstar Princess experience the story in the music video?

As to celebrate the Yuletide season, Popsters and Friends of Sarah Geronimo

gather yearly at Quezon City to celebrate Christmas with the presence of our beloved Sarah.

Fans even from the farthest places like Bacolod and Balikbayans from abroad attended to have fun and party till midnight.
Before the main program started, collectibles and raffled gifts were given away. From ‘Superstar’ posters, CDs, personally signed photos with frame, magazines and the most awaited bills and MyPhone, you couldn’t ask for more. Waiting is over as our beloved Sarah entered the hall. Background music ‘You’ll always be my Number One’, 1DOL’s theme song hyped up the entrance of our dearest Sarah. Fans and supporters clamoured as soon as they saw the wide-awaken eyes our Popstar Princess. She was shocked when she saw the number of attendees in the event. It’s always a surprise for everyone. There is never a doubt that even a smile on her face could lighten up the whole venue. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… People snapped, jived, grooved and jumped. Everyone turns their heads wherever our dearest Sarah stands.

Present in the event are different fan groups of Sarah. Also present are her high school friends from UST and relatives from her province.
Even though there are lots of food such as litson, pancit, vegetables and the like, fans and supporters prefer to seize the moment and stay beside Sarah.
Everyone deserves a gift. Hence, Sarah and her mother draw everyone to excitement in every name she calls on stage. Four MyPhones and bills were given away.

Of course, a party is not complete without the special numbers! Two of the solid fans of our beloved Sarah grooved to the beat of our Popstar Princess’ dance numbers in Record Breaker Concert and ASAP XV. ‘Tita ng Bayan’, Tita Cristy brought everyone in shock as she parodied Vilma Santos.

Our beloved Sarah did an acapella of the theme song of 1DOL. Nothing could be compared to the happiness that the fans gave to her at the Christmas Party.
Her best friend won in the question and answer portion. How good that is, right? She proved that she is a certified fan!

A self-proclaimed ‘manghuhula’, our beloved Sarah won in the charades game! After the game, gifts were given to her. How generous they are. Someone gave her cute little teddy with her face imprinted on it. Someone also gave her a big painting of herself. And mini-me Sarah G! Her smile is priceless indeed!
“Very thankful po ako na taon taon, pag ginagawa po namin itong Christmas Party, nakikita ko parin sina Ate Mhel, of course, sina Ate Joey, Ate Sam, sina Ate Donna, mga familiar faces, sina Ate Gina, Ate Janette, Si Tita Cristy!”

Popsters and Friends of Sarah Geronimo had undoubtedly made our Popstar Princess breath with joy in her heart. As what they say, they give Sarah Geronimo 2Ls. Love and Loyalty for the angel from above.

Merry Christmas to all!

December 14, 2010 - Posted by admin

If there is one person who needs to be transported every now and then, it would be our Popstar Princess.

She has the perseverance to look back to those people who trusts her. Her body must be tired but her desire to thank people never gets exhausted.

After her corporate show at Hong Kong with Christian Bautista and Charlie Green last December 9, 2010, our beloved Sarah returned to Philippines at December 10, Friday. After her arrival in the Philippines, which was around 1:30pm to 2:00pm, our beloved Sarah went home just to pamper in a span of little time. After which, she went straight to three Christmas Parties in the Metro.

Here’s the detail:

Our beloved Sarah and the team went straight to her first stop.

Ultra. Our dearest Sarah went nostalgic as she reminisced the days of her winning. She won the Grand Champion Award at the historic dome of Ultra. Her smile couldn’t wash off to her face as she told me the feeling at that night. 6:25pm came and it’s now her turn to go on stage. Ultra was filled with people. It seemed like it was a mini-concert for our dearest Sarah. Facing about thousands of people from Globe, our Popstar Princess sang “Love Will Keep Us Together”, official soundtrack of her latest movie with Ms. Judy Ann Santos, “Hating Kapatid”. She grooved as if she’s not wearing high heeled shoes, danced with the outstanding employees of ‘Globe Way Awardees of 2010’ and sang with all her heart.

She was even shocked when people went down on stage, giving the stage to our beloved Sarah. Awww.. How generous these people are.

“Since we’re showcasing different talents here, we want to showcase ang napakagandang si Sarah Geronimo”, the HR Department of Globe assessed upon seeing Sarah Geronimo.

“I am very honoured po na makasama ko an gating awardees, people who are always after excellence and dedication to their work. Maraming maraming salamat po and that makes me a proud endorser. I am very very happy to be part of my Globe family.

The traffic at EDSA didn’t stop our Popstar Princess to attend the Christmas Party of Cebuana Lhuillier at World Trade Center at Pasay.

World Trade Center. People all over the place are dressed in Greco-themed-attire for the celebrated party. People in the event even came from the different places of Visayas and Mindanao, majority are from Greater Manila Area and Luzon were there.

This was actually her 4th year with Cebuana Lhuillier. Our dearest Sarah said, “Hanga po ako sa inyong hangarin, of course, kasama ang Cebuana Lhuillier na magbigay po ng tapat na serbisyo sa inyo pong mga costumers, sa mga tao.

“Sana nag-costume din pala ako. May ginawa yung daddy ko na pang Egyptian e. Yung parang may snake ditto, ganyan”, our dearest Sarah wittingly shared before she sang “Give Love on Christmas Day”.

Big artists and endorsers of Lhuillier attended the event. Celia Rodriguez, Lolit Solis and Gladys Reyes shared the stage with our Popstar Prinsess after singing the Christmas song.

And yes, her night doesn’t end yet. Our dearest Sarah and the team went straight to Belo’s Christmas Party at The Fort, Taguig.

The Fort. By this time, people are dressed in retro. Her song “Love Will Keep Us Together” spiced up the mini-party headed by Cristalle Henares, Dr. Vicki Belo’s daughter. Our beloved Sarah and Cristalle we’re quite close. She gave our Popstar Princess her favorite home made, special tuna and a cute, little piggy bank.

Her day ended by quarter to 12am.

If to be visited by our Popstar Princess, what gift would you give her?

Two of the biggest name of this generation, in one stage on Valentine’s Day!

Photos and poster of ‘What love Is’ Concert has been finally released!

Mark your calendars! On February 12, 2011, the Concert King and our Popstar Princess will be collaborating on stage to showcase their talents and serenade us with the heart melting songs from the past and present.

It is a pleasure for our Popstar Princess to be sharing stage with the Concert King knowing that our beloved Sarah is now at her seventh year in the entertainment industry.

During the pictorial for the most anticipated concert, you would see the chemistry between the two. In almost three decades of Mr. Martin Nievera in the industry, our Popstar Prinsess moves around with no hesitation, and vice versa. Our beloved Sarah taught the Concert King the famous ‘sundance’! Funny and full of wit, the contagious laughter of our Popstar Princess and the Concert King echoed in the walls of the studio.

She told in a recent interview that the Concert King is very supportive to the younger singers and performers in ASAP XV. Mr. Martin, on the other hand, disclosed that he salutes the professionalism and over-flowing talent of our beloved Sarah.

Do you have the tickets now? What songs would you like to include in their list?