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“True Love… waits.”

This famous line of our Popstar Princess has been the talk of the town after ‘What love Is?’

concert with the Concert King, Martin Nievera last February 12, 2011 at Araneta Coliseum. Full house. The Big dome was crowded with supporters and fans of Martin Nievera and Sarah Geronimo. Altogether with her family and friends, her on-screen lovers also attended the big concert. Some of which are: Mark Bautista, Christian Bautista and her newest tandem, Gerald Anderson.

Speaking of the Action-Drama Prince, Gerald Anderson escorted our Popstar Princess onstage and had a little talk after the big crowd.

They even exchanged nicknames for each other; ‘Ge-ge’ for Gerald and ‘Sa-sa’ for Sarah. Fans had gone wild and screamed with the sweetness of the two.

For the first time, our Popstar Princess will be collaborating with Gerald Anderson on the silver screen this coming March. It’s good to know that this tandem had already been accepted by their fans which was evident at the Big Dome.

Gerald shared one of his memorable moments with Sarah on the set of their upcoming movie. “Buti nalang po naka-shades ako kasi hindi ko siya matignan sa mga mata niya.”

Sarah then replied, “Hindi, ako yun e, ’Ge-ge’. Ako yung hindi makatingin sa kanya. Buti nalang lagi siyang naka-shades. Yung character niya sa pelikula, laging naka-shades… kasi gwapo e no. Bakit mahirap tingnan sa mata ang mga gwapo no?”

Gerald asked permission to Sarah if he will let him visit their house. “Minsan dadalaw nalang ako sa inyo, kung ok lang sa iyo.”

“Wehh? Di nga? Wehh? Alam mo address ko?” Sarah giggled when Gerald gave him her home address.

They parted ways with a kiss on the cheek.

The upcoming movie is under Star Cinema and Viva Films.

What Love Is Concert could be hailed as one of the greatest experience our Popstar Princess he had in her entire career. Having the Concert King in his side, Sarah Geronimo couldn’t ask for more.

Do you think our Popstar Princess is now ready to fall in love?

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Listen to your heartbeat. Are you familiar with that one beat that eventually pops out of your lips when tugged by bliss?

That’s what our Popstar Princess’ fans felt while shouting “We love you, Sarah!” in the successful concert of ‘What Love Is?’

with the One and only Concert King, Martin Nievera last February 12, 2011 at the Araneta Coliseum.

Even before the main event, Martin Nievera and Sarah Geronimo were filled with love and joy when they knew that the Big Dome was filled last Saturday.

“Love. Love. Love”. The chant spread like fire to every corner of the Big Dome. In the opening song, “All You Need Is Love”, Martin Nievera surprised everyone when he appeared alongside the audience. Soon after, our dearest Sarah brightened up the stage with ‘Where is the Love?’, ‘I Wanna Know What Love Is’ and ‘Time of My Life.’

“Hindi ko po akalain na mangyayari ito sa career ko”, Sarah G confessed, pertaining to her collaboration with the Concert King.

“I think you’re one of the best entertainers, actresses, dancers, people in the industry”, Martin Nievera emphasized.

Martin Nievera wanted to give out tips on love but he just refused to share it since he had fallen in and out of love several times. The Popstar Princess didn’t think that it mattered. “Experience is the best teacher. And wait a minute, sir. Practice makes perfect.” Everyone laughed with that statement. Their chemistry on stage was undeniably the best!

“No other practice can get you any closer to finding out what love is”, Mr. Martin Nievera replied.

After the exchange of thoughts about love, Sarah G and Martin sang medleys of beautiful songs such as “Maging Sino Ka Man”, “Somewhere down the road” and “Tell Me”.

Martin Nievera showed Sarah G how music was played back then, powered by cassette tapes. Our beloved Sarah showed off her iPod shuffle which contains thousands of her favorite love songs. Though there’s a big age gap between the two, they had the same preferences for music.

Present in the concert were our Popstar Princess’ on-screen love team: Romantic Balladeer, Christian Bautista, Pop Hearthrob, Mark Bautista and Action Drama Prince, Gerald Anderson.

When someone is truly appreciative of your work and they trust your skill, they’ll show their support. ABS-CBN and Viva’s Big bosses were present in the big concert.

It’s every couple’s dream to be serenaded with the famous song ‘Ikaw ang Lahat Sa Akin’. Martin Nievera and Sarah Geronimo sang the song as if they were singing it in a wedding.

Decades of great hits had passed, but still, Martin Nievera continues to serenade us with these great hits. He also knows when and how to present contemporary songs. He filled the audiences’ hearts’ with love as he sang today’s hits like Bruno Mars’ ‘Just the Way you Are’, ‘Nothin’ On You’ and ‘Billionaire’.

Our Popstar Princess’ newest leading man, Gerald Anderson appeared alongside her on stage. Their appearance together on stage made everyone excited with their upcoming movie. The ‘kilig’ factor made it even more interesting when they exchanged nicknames; ‘Ge-ge’ for Gerald and ‘Sa-sa’ for Sarah.

The duo never failed to amuse the fans. They had totally surprised the people with new twists! Yes! Martin twisted his ankle and shouted like he was still in his 20’s. Thanks to his dancing shoes and blonde wig. Martin pulled the newest craze, K-Pop with Pop Girls and XLR8.
To add a bit more fun to the night, Martin and Sarah’s thanksgiving moment was presented with the catchy tune of Keisha’s Tic Toc. The song composed by the Concert King himself was notably incredible. It covered all the sponsors!

One of the best things that Martin loved about Sarah was the way she danced. “She can do anything. What I love most? The girl can dance!” Martin applauded like an avid fan.

Who wouldn’t be mesmerized with dance productions? Ms. Georcelle, the “G” in the unbeatable G-Force is the woman behind those potent steps. Stage performances wouldn’t be complete without the powerful stomps and jumps of our Popstar Princess. Her famous rendition of ‘Whip My Hair’ and ‘Somebody to Love’ thrilled the audience even more.

The sentimental mood returned when the Concert King sang his greatest hits “Be My Lady” “Goodbye”, “No Way to Treat a Heart” and “Kahit Isang Saglit”.

You can totally feel the heavy feeling that our Popstar Princess was carrying when she sang, “Out Here on My Own”, “Someone That I Used to Love” and “Almost Over You”. What do you think is that experience that swayed her emotions?

The concert ended with “Your Song” and the groovy beat “Awitin Mo”.

The top performers concluded: “Love is Forever”.

‘What Love Is’ concert wass directed by Rowell Santiago, with the musical direction of Louie Ocampo. Produced by Viva Concerts and Events.

What’s your favourite part of the concert?