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October 11, 2011 - Posted by admin

Brace yourselves for another full-blown concert by the Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo! On October 14, 2011, the Popstar Princess will bring Filipino entertainment abroad! Together with Mark Bautista and special guests, Sarah Geronimo will bring nothing but energetic song and dance performances.

Witness how Sarah Geronimo creates magic and thrill on the concert stage. We know you’re excited but it’s the Popstar Princess who’s very much exhilarated in the coming show! It’s her pleasure and honor to perform for our fellow kababayans abroad. So for all Filipinos in Dubai, buy your tickets now! See you in Dubai Aviation Club on Friday, October 14!

Rain or shine, fans and supporters of the Popstar Princess and Concert King still filled up the La Salle ____ last September 24. It was their third destination for What Love Is Philippine tour. But though they wore the same outfits and sang the same songs, Sarah Geronimo and Martin Nievera felt so refreshed. It was as if they were having their concert for the first time!

With all the shout and screams of the fans, who wouldn’t feel goose bumps? Any performer would become so energetic and enthusiastic because of the overwhelming support from the audience. Hence, to bring back all these cheers, Sarah and Martin performed all the way ‘til midnight!

To fire up the audience, they first sang “I’ve had the Time of My Life” by Black Eyed Peas. Though Martin started in the OPM industry 29 years ago, he was still able to jive with today’s hit songs. Likewise, Sarah Geronimo also gave excellent performances of songs from the past.

In his concert, Martin jokingly said that Sarah’s fans have braces while his supporters have no teeth. Moreover, Martin brought out a radio to illustrate how he listens to music. Meanwhile, Sarah showed her iPod. With these funny antics, the audience in Batangas didn’t just enjoy music. They also had a share of countless laughter.

As requested, the Concert King and Popstar Princess performed the best OPM duet such as “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang.” With Martin and Sarah serenading you with such heart-whelming songs, you’ll definitely figure out what love is.

The duo also sang today’s billboard hits like “Grenade,” “Billionaire,” “Just The Way You Are,” “Firework,” “Whip My Hair,” and “Somebody to Love.” The night wouldn’t be complete without Martin singing his trademark song “Be My Lady” and Sarah performing “Forever’s Not Enough.”

Meanwhile, everyone was startled when Sarah came up to the stage wearing white and beige gown. It was the first time that the Popstar Princess sang “Best Thing I Never Had.”

Indeed, the tandem of Sarah Geronimo and Martin Nievera is one the best things the OPM industry has! So watch them perform live in their upcoming tours!

Visiting the beautiful province of Batangas is a must for Sarah Geronimo! This is the reason why all of her concert tours include Lipa City, Batangas on the list. Every year, she would be there to meet and greet her fans!

And as always, the Popstar Princess was very eager to pose with our fellow Batangeñoes. So before her big show with Concert King Martin Nievera, Sarah first paid a visit to some places in Batangas City and Lipa City last September 23.

Her tour started with a radio guesting at Magik FM 88.7. Sarah was all out in answering the intriguing and funny questions of the DJ.

Afterwards, Sarah went to see Mayor _____ of Lipa City. She expressed how she admires Lipa for being one of the disciplined cities in the Philippines.

Like how she loves her fans, the Popstar Princess also never fails to drop by the branches of her endorsements. Sarah went to Cebuana Llullhier, Jollibee, and Sunsilk.

The Popstar Princess knows that the words, “thank you,” are not enough to reciprocate all the love and support of her fans from all over the Philippines and the world. Hence, she really tries her best to perform for all of them every year.

What provinces would you want Sarah to visit?