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June 4, 2012 - Posted by admin

Nine years after her victory in the singing competition, Star For A Night, it seems that the “Sarah Magic” has never vanished. In facts, it has become more powerful and stronger. This is evident in her upcoming birthday concert, 24/SG, on July 7. Concert tickets have been selling like hotcakes since they became available.

Reaching the sold-out status a month before the concert, Viva Concerts decided to stage a repeat on July 21 due to insistent public demand. Fans, supporters and followers of the Popstar Princess are just too numbered that the Big Dome can’t accomodate.

Indeed, Sarah has proven that she deserves the title “Concert Queen of the New Generation.” And now that she has blossomed into a beautiful lady, the Popstar Princess is ready to show her more glamorous and sensual side.

She has given a sneak peek of her other side through her Sunday musical variety show, Sarah G. Live. Fabulous production numbers and fantastic costume changes will astonish concertgoers on July 7 and 21.

Sarah has definitely captivated the hearts of Filipinos. Spreading love through her music, Sarah said that her fans keep her inspired. “Alam mo kasi ‘pag punong-puno ka ng pagmamahal. Mararamdaman mo ‘yan sa mga nakapagalid sa’yo tulad ng Popsters, ang family mo. Super inspired ka.”

Speaking of magic, the Popstar Princess looks well-loved nowadays. In Sarah G. Live‘s June 3 episode, Sarah exclaimed a sweet message about love. “Ang sarap naman no’n mga Kapamilya. Ang sarap malaman, paniwalaan na sa laki ng mundong ito, merong isang taong nakalaan ang Diyos para sa iyo. ‘Yan ang tunay na magic ng ating buhay at kapag nakita mo na siya, the magic forever begins.”

Touched and inspired by her humbling story, Sarah Geronimo has spread magic to Filipinos from all walks of life. When Sarah was introduced, it was when the entertainment industry became more magical.

Are you captivated by Sarah Magic?