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June 26, 2012 - Posted by admin
Her life is similar to that of our favorite fairy tales, except that she yet to find his prince charming. Sarah Geronimo is a princess, figuratively and literally. She belongs to the royal clan of the most distinguished and esteemed OPM artists. Known as the country’s Pop Princess, Sarah has already elevated her position in the music scene as the Concert Queen of the New Generation, a title she truly deserves.

Though she holds the title of a queen, Sarah is still a princess to everyone’s eyes. She’ll forever be that 13-year old girl who mesmerized Filipinos with her knack for singing. Just like our favorite fairy tale princesses, she has that natural charm which captivates men and women alike.

Apart from that, what makes her a real princess is her genuine sincerity and humility. Sarah has already reached the stars but she has always kept her feet on the ground. This may be the reason why even at 23 years old, Sarah still reigns as the kids’ favorite. Even Justin Bieber couldn’t beat our Pop Princess.

Sarah is still the most popular singer among 7 to 14 year-old Filipino kids today, as revealed by Cartoon Network’s latest survey. In fact, it has been tried and tested that every little girl would answer “Ate Sarah” when asked who their idol is. With that kind of talent, beauty and personality, who just wouldn’t admire Sarah Geronimo? I bet no one has ever escaped and could ever escape from Sarah’s magical spell.

Be captivated by her magical spell on Sarah Geronimo’s birthday concert, 24/SG, on July and 21 at the Big Dome!