August 29, 2010 - Posted by admin

One thing unique about Sarah Geronimo is her native Filipina looks. With just one glare, she is very easy to determine as someone who came from an Asian heritage. Sarah is not that tall, has fine black hair, and has a fair complexion.

She possesses almost all the physical qualities of a Filipina.  All of these observations were much proven during her pictorial for Mega Magazine. Sarah’s Filipina beauty hovers in all of the photos.

During the pictorial, the photographer didn’t ask for more. Sarah is just a natural. She was able to project the right emotion and was able to show her best angles. The staff of Mega Magazine couldn’t get any prouder. Sarah is not just a total performer. She is now a head-turner model.

Sarah Geronimo has a lot of charm. Her face gets it all. She has brown eyes which are always smiling, eyebrows which honestly frown every time she feels like doing it, dimples which always appear every time she laughs, and lips she purses when she’s upset with something.

All of which is a reflection of her genuine personality. Sarah is not like any other model who has long legs, has exemplary body curves and can walk perfectly in a runway. But Sarah has a lot of edge from those supermodels. And what she is capable of is beyond what they can do.

Sarah is just the average height and has just the body of a fine young lady. However, she can certainly carry herself well.  She is secure and contented with her looks that’s why she can act confidently.

We can’t say that she can walk without flaws in a runway but she can definitely do it with her head tilt up. Moreover, Sarah can look elegant and charming at the same time. She can give the right projection without losing her true personality.  Her fans look up not only to her undeniable charm but on how she remains true to her actions. She certainly mirrors true qualities of a Filipina beauty. She’s beautiful inside and out.

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