August 29, 2010 - Posted by admin

The much awaited international record breaking concert is finally here. To be in full touch with Sarah Geronimo, she gave us a sneak peak on her unstoppable energy and effort during rehearsals.

It was the last day of band and dance rehearsals. Sarah gives her utmost energy to make her concert unforgettable. She showed her excitement by giving full effort to make her concert a “record breaker”. Sarah would definitely be gorgeous on her concert with her spectacular numbers together with Mark Bautista and Charlie Green. They practiced perfect combinations of duet songs.

Even though Sarah is rehearsing the whole day with her vocals, she still has time to dance and showed her breathtaking steps to make it perfect for the audience and beloved fans.

This is the exciting part of the sneak peak, what she’s going to wear?

A perfect gown made by Rajo Laurel is one of her fabulous attire on the event.  The viewers and fans abroad must be excited on this record breaking concert, with Sarah Geronimo’s stunning beauty she’ll definitely overwhelm and please the crowd and serenade them with her music and relentless energy.

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