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Fridays are just an ordinary day for an ordinary person, but not to our Popstar Princess. It is one of her busiest day of the week because of her commitments

Sarah Geronimo

to different kind of activities.  It is only the time for everyone to relax and enjoy the weekend but just the start of Sarah’s journey for development as an

artist. We know how busy she is but she still has the time to make us smile with her little gestures of smiling back to us while facing the challenge of being in the limelight. It was almost 6pm but her night was just going to start. Coming from the Press Conference of her anticipated concert on February 12 with Mr. Martin Nievera, ‘What Love Is’ Concert in the morning and the band rehearsal for a concert in the afternoon, she still had the energy to push forward for her passion in singing.

Our beloved Sarah and Viva Records are still on the process of packaging the anticipated album. With the original songs and compositions of the Man behind the Hits, Vehnee Saturno, the album is worth the wait. One of his newest compositions is “Sino Nga Ba Siya” which is now soaring high in the MYX Philippines hit chart.

While watching and listening to her while singing, I realized how powerful her voice is. She humbly told me that she still wants to attain a stronger voice. “Yun yung gusto kong ma-achieve no. Yung mas ma-strengthen pa yung aking voice. Lahat ng singers gustong ma-achieve yan, ma-attain yan. Yun nga, yung pagkakaroon ng strong na boses.”

Hitting the high notes is not so easy to attain if tired but our beloved Sarah hit it well! The two English songs will eventually tear you into pieces because of the impact of the lyrics to your heart.

While recording, our Popstar Princess suggests musical notes for the song. It seemed that our beloved Sarah can now also be a music teacher! After finalizing the two songs, our Popstar Princess was glad to hear positive feedbacks from the studio.

Are you excited for the release of the album? What do you think is the genre of the songs?

Sarah geronimo

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