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One of the few celebrities who are purely Pinay, Sarah Geronimo is an epitome of a modern-day Filipina. She’s a rare find who still sticks to the traditional Maria Clara values. An ideal daughter, sister, friend and partner, Sarah is almost close to perfection.

At the age of 23, she has already achieved success that her co-generations are yet to pursue. We are all witnesses of her rags to riches story. From a 13-year old singing champion, Sarah has transformed into a multi-talented Pinoy pride.

She can be dubbed as the Britney Spears or J. Lo or Beyonce of the Philippines, making her part of the country’s pop royalty. She has fans here and abroad, some of which are not even Pinoy.

Her incredible talent astonishes every audience privileged to watch her perform. Sarah is a total package, who’s visible in almost all media platforms.

But even with her sky-rocketing success, Sarah has never lost her humility and appreciation for small things. She’s an inspiration to many Filipinos, especially to kids.

Through her world-class performances, Sarah has proven the Filipino excellence. She has definitely made the Filipino voice heard all over the world. And as her kababayans, we can’t be more than proud to say, “Sarah Geronimo, mabuhay ang sariling atin.”

Are you proud to be called a kababayan of Sarah Geronimo?

If you want to watch Sarah Geronimo’s superb performances, be part of her upcoming birthday concert, 24/SG, July 7 and 21 at the Big Dome! Buy your tickets now!

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