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Love is the sweetest feeling anyone could wish for. However, this may also give us the deepest sorrow we’re hoping to never happen. Just like any woman, Sarah Geronimo also went through that stage of heartbreaks and heartaches.

During those times when she was blinded by love, Sarah unconsciously put her family aside. In Sarah G. Live‘s April 15 episode, the Popstar Princess shared her thoughts on love.

“Gusto ko lang pong i-share sa inyo. Alam naman natin ‘tong lahat na minsan nakakapag-decide tayo when we are too angry or too happy. Nagiging compulsive tayo.”

Choosing the song Emotion by Destiny’s Child to describe the state of her heart, Sarah recalled her high schools day in UST. “Gusto ko lang pong i-share sa inyo yung song na ito. It reminds me of my high school days sa UST. Inawit ko po ito at nandoon yung crush ko nanonood.”

Though the lyrics speak of hurt, it still tells the story of love. “Itong song na ‘to, kahit masakit siya, yung words niya, yung message niya, pero may kasama pa ring love.”

Through the heartaches she experienced, Sarah has learned the important lesson of love. “Alam mo minsan, hindi naman kailangan na i-reciprocate pa yung pagmamahal mo sa isang tao. Minsan, okay na na alam mo at nung taong yun na mahal mo siya. At minsan, sapat na naramdaman niya yung pagmamahal mo.”

“And sometimes we choose that we have the person in our lives forever. Diba parang mahirap yung makakasama mo siya nang sandali lang tapos mawawala rin. Mas mabuti yung sa’yo siya sa totoong buhay mo,” she added.

What are your love advices for the Popstar Princess?

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  1. trish says:

    my dearest sarah..my only wish for you right now is for you to be able to experience life’s simple joys like going out on friendly dates with your friends and special someone without your parents as your bodyguard.lol nasa edad ka na iha,sana maranasan mo ang mga bagay na nararanasan ng mga kabataan na kasing-edad mo. you’ll not experience maturity and growth kung masyado kang sheltered. i have the same wish as your ate juday, hope you’ll get to go out and travel with your friends and special someone, experience life, experience love. you’ll never experience love the way that special someone wants you to experience if there’s no chance you’ll get to bond together, without your parents or bodyguards tagging along. hope your family will trust you and will let you be happy in terms of relationship and love.

    • napadaan lang says:

      nakalabas na rin naman ata sya w/ friends, san ko ba nabasa…hmm. basta she had many activities din naman w/ her closest friends yun orig champions? just not sure f all of them eh may bodyguard.

      • Bethgc1 says:

        Yes…Sarah can go out without her parents. I think it’s nothing wrong for her parents to be around sometimes. It’s her choice be with her mom. She’s very close to her family, And I’am with you she need to conquer places with friends or boyfriend. It is important to relax once in a while is indeed necessary for you to be alone without your family specially if you are already adult. She’ll find a way one day when she is ready to do that. She like to bond with her mom, her mom is her best friend. It will be fine. It is better to be close with family…and look how she turn out… very good well tought child. And she go out without her mom…it depends who she is with. Now a days, you have to know the person who were with. You cannot just go without knowing where you going and places you see. It is very dangerous, maybe in the places that doesn’t really know her; where Europe, here in the states, Thailand, Hongkong, Austria is very beautiful as well or any place that outside in Pinas. But in Philippines she needs bodyguard bec. for some of our people cannot be trust. As long as she has friends or boyfried that can be trusted very well, it will be great. Maybe one day…Gerald will be going with her that will be wonderful…very cute, she’s indeed growing up young lady… ha! ha!. Love it…

    • Louis90 says:

      My dearest Sarah, we wish you all the happiness in the world especially now that you are turning 24. And as you turn a year older, here’s a simple advice from a loving fan, as we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn’t supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You’ll have your heart broken and you’ll break others’ hearts. You’ll fight with your best friend or maybe even fall in love with them, and you’ll cry because time is flying by. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you’ve never been hurt. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. you just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone’s hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, and smile until your face hurts. Don’t be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all, live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back. Try to be independent in making decisions because that’s the only way you can learn what life is really all about. I agree with your ate Juday too, for you to try traveling with friends without your parents being with you. And always remember that no matter what you do just always put GOD in the center of everything and he will guide you and lead you to whatever decision you will make along the way. WE LOVE YOU SARAH G. here in CALIFORNIA.

  2. rycel says:

    i love you sarah……….fan mo ako since na nakita kita sa star for a night hehehe..pasensya na wala pa kasi kami t.v noon eh…kaya di ko nasubaybayan masyado ikaw sa t.v pero sa radyo lagi ko inaabangan yung mga songs mo po hehehhee………

  3. rycel says:

    kahit yung mga songs mo luma na lagi ko pa rin pinakikinggan………kailan po kaya kita makikita sa personal..kasi noong pumunta ka dito sa bicol doon sa CWC di ako nakapunta eh..di po tuloy kita nkita .:( …

  4. Lir says:


    As someone who witnessed your growth in ur career all i can say is that, do and follow what is right, do not change for anybody be what you are, always follow your parent’s advise and most of all stay true and conservative, that is the reason why we love you……God bless you Sarah may you be given the opportunity to shine brighter in the international scene.

  5. Lir says:

    If finally you meet THE MAN, i hope that he will understand you, take really good care of you and love you as you are not because of your fame and fortune and most of all he will make you happy and will stay with you till you grow old. For now Sarah reach for your dreams if someone loves you he should bring out the best in you…………….

  6. ashrald fan says:

    We cannot fully shelter ourselves from life’s pains and heartaches. It’s part of growth and we learn precious lessons from them. The classic words of Lord Alfred Tennyson still rings true to this day and it goes, ” It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. ”
    We all wish we could be immune or not have to go through a failed relationship, but unless we try, unless we took a step of faith we will never know. Love is worth taking a risk. We will never know bliss until we embrace its challenges. Don’t be afraid to love again, Sarah. Enjoy your youth and embrace the journey of learning to fall in love again and loving someone in return. All the best to you!

  7. baby girl says:

    hi baby girl sarah geronimo, please be firm and wag padala sa peer pressure, d mo kelangan sagutin c gerald dahil lamang sa pressure, sana kilalanin mo cia ng husto bago mo sagutin..yoko lng kasi maulit naranasan mo sa wlang-kwentang rayver na un, love na love kita and i hate to see you in tears again..please ask for God’s guidance kasi cia lang bukod tanging nakaka-alam kung cnu tlaga para sayo, please pray for wisdom and strength..you deserve to be happy and not to be ignored and left aside coz you are a good person so please be very careful..your mother knows best for you so follow her advice pagdating sa love pero not naman super higpit na d kna mkapag-socialize..stay healty and happy.. God Bless you more

  8. noah says:

    we love you sarah……….

  9. rgndllg says:

    Dear baby girl Sarah, sigi go Lang ng go, magdate ka with Gerald and feel free, you are old enough to experience the joy of having relationships..besides Gege is a true gentleman , he needs your care also, be sweet and simple, Gerald loves you, dapat e hug mo sya and kiss without any hesitations, kaya go Lang ng go ,enjoy each other..your pair is made forever…..mag plano na kayo Kung ilan little sarah and gerald sa future house ninyo..just remember, both of you are mabait, I want you to multiply…:-)))

  10. karen says:

    Hi there Sarah :) Alam ko na sobrang malayo na ang narating mo at super happy kaming mga fans mo na nakikita ka naming masaya ngayon. Alam naman namin at nakikita namin sau ngaun na inspired ka sa family at personal life mo. Alam naman namin na Gerald is courting you and sana mas kilalanin mo pa siya at tignan mo kaya niya talagang hintayin ka lalo na nasa showbiz kayong pareho. Gusto ko si Gerald for you kasi nakikita naman namin na super bait niya sa family at sa mga fans niya. Sana lang our dear Sarah pag pray mo kay God yan and sana maging happy ka na talaga ng bonggang-bongga. Wag kang matakot sa love alam naman natin na walang perfect sa buhay eh. Alagaan mo kung anung meron ngaun malay mo it will lead you for a lifetime. God bless and sana more projects to come :) Karen from Malta :)

  11. jenelyn says:

    sarah i really idolizing u..keep it up.and hope someday ikakasal kayo ni gerald..

  12. ruby says:

    Hi sarah. cguro ang ma advice ko lang sayo go lang kung ano man ang nararamdaman mo ngayon masarap ma inlove malay mo nakita mo na sya…alam ko kaya mo na 24 ka na sa july 25 yung iba nga sa ganyan age mo nag aasawa na. kasi kung di mo susubukan di mo malalaman ang true meaning of LIFE at LOVE pero dapat alam mo ang limitations mo bilang anak… syempre di naman habang buhay naka depende ka sa parents mo at sa family mo kasi in time yung siblings mo lalagay din sa tahimik saka nasa age ka na din di ba iba syempre ang naibibigay na pagmamahal ng pamilya at ng mamahalin mo naku swerte swerte nya kung sino man yang mamahalin mo…Para na din kita anak pero single pa din ako hehe….remember sarah life is too short cguro its about time na to fall in love at sana tama lahat ang gagawin mo at decision mo sa buhay. Take care Baby girl???

  13. Ara says:

    Beautiful lady! stay as sweet as you are and be fruitful in every way! the Lord always guiding and protecting you. In everything you do, do it for the glory of God and you will excel in your life, financially, emotionally, materially, physically and spiritually. God bless you! I will pray for you! Love you!

  14. Ara says:

    Hello sarah! I pray when I go back home, If it is possible, I want to meet you in person! Thank you in advance! God bless!

  15. Aimee21 says:

    Hi beautiful lady…you are indeed a beautiful person. It’s time for you to think of yourself…if you are in love go for it girl. There is nothing wrong if you express this love to the guy you care about. We see you are blooming sabi nga ni Luis we know it’s because of love. You have done so much for your family siguro its high time to think of yourself nama…we know you know your limits. God bless you Sarah!

  16. she says:

    Be happy coz u really deserve it… sana magiging masaya kayo ni gerald dahil pareho kayong beautiful person inside & out!

    • delilah says:

      well, Sarah…. it’s always good to listen to your mom’s advises… she knows best for a parent always have good intentions for their offspring … she can even lay their lives for their kids, take the hurts and disappointments just so their kids will not be hurt. In the other hand, you are already of age, so ok lang and mag-date without any supervision as they say. You are a responsible person so I’m sure your parents will trust you not to do anything that is harmful to you and your future. Go with someone who respects woman, and you in particular. Go with someone you can trust….Am sure you would know who to trust. How will you know a person really if you don’t have time to be with him alone. Our Lord always protects good people, so trust on HIM…

      By the way, 6 days na lang for your birthday concert. I’m sure it will be the greatest concert EVER!!!!Good luck and lots and lots of love from all of us here in Georgia and Florida…. You have lots of fans here for you are such a great singer, dancer and actress, and all-around multii talented artiist of this generation….

  17. czynette says:

    Hi Sarah ,

    For us , you are simpLy the best ! No one is perfect they may say but so for me , you are cLose to perfect .. not just in physical aspect but as a whole .. we Love you sarah g !

    I am happy seeing you smiLe with sparks in your eyes.. there is this special someone of your’s who completely made your day and i am wishing that this special someone would bring inspiration and love throughout the years ..
    You deserve all the blessings that you receive from HIM .. stay as humble as you are princess .. :)

    ? czynette ?

  18. edwardbersabal says:


  19. gloria says:

    Hi Sarah always pray to God for guidance, wisdom & He will give you the desires of your heart. Continue to be humble, kind & grateful. Stay as sweet as you are your family, friends & fans are always there for you. There is nothing wrong in falling in love to have an inspiration & be loved as long as he has all the qualities you’re looking & prayed for. Take care & God Bless! I’m a fan of you & Gerald you look great together & I can see his sincerity in his feelings for you.

  20. Valerie says:

    Destination is not as important as the journey itself. It is in the PROCESS that you learn….we make mistakes and from that we hope to learn valuable lessons so as not to repeat that same mistake again. I feel like I should agree from everyone who had said that Sarah is very sheltered. I’ve only been a fan very recently when I happened to tune in on SGL on TFC by sheer boredom. I was amazed! From what I gathered, yes, she loves her family dearly and respects them very much. I couldn’t find fault with that. However, there is also the downside on this matter….I think that she is way too dependent on them. Maybe, subconsciously she may even be using her parents as her defense because she’s somehow lacking confidence….brought on having her parents too much at hand. I have 2 kids and I noticed that my older child is way more dependent on me since she was my first and I pretty much did everything for her as she was growing up. I want her to grow up being able to stand up on her own so I decided to let her do the things I know she can do to build her confidence. Slowly but surely. As a parent we want our kids to be able to stand up for themselves. Yes, granted being good and all that good stuff is important….now….here’s Gerald who is pretty much a male counterpart of Sarah BUT who is also adventurous and fun. I say he is the best person to go with to experience adventure. Going on SIGE GO adventures is not the same as experiencing new things off cam.

    I could be wrong since I don’t really know Sarah, her family, and Gerald personally…..nevertheless, I continue to be a fan of Sarah’s many talents…be it singing, dancing, acting…even her laugh! I even came across “ashrald” and I think I am one at heart. Lol.

  21. joy says:

    Sarah please stay as sweet as you are. There is nothing wrong to have a boyfriend because he inspires you and makes the relationship productive. You can go out with your BF as long as you both practice chastity. Promise your parents that you will not be mapusok and have a honeymoon before kasal. Sana isa ka sa mga girls (Nikki Gil & Toni Gonzaga) who declare their no sex before marriage status. If your relationship fails then you are still the girl every man would like to bring home to their parents kasi pure ka pa rin. We love you Sarah!!!!

    • Bethgc1 says:

      Sarah is genuine; as never been totally kiss and touch besides of steeling kiss…that is the reason why her mom don’t let go with any guys. She is better than TONI and Nikki, I am her follower since she was age of Pen pen the Sarapin, until she turn 16 yrs old. When I visit to Pinas, I would go with my Tita follow her in ASAP, or anywhere that she has concert. I’ve seen too many times. She hasn’t changed since from start, she always like that very polite, very nice to her fans…young or old. That is the reason I stay with her because of heart is very lenient, sweet, loving, caring…perfect child. Sarah is beautiful in person and she is not boring in person, she is very funny person. She has a pretiest smile and eyes looks talking to you, very admiring and addicted personality. I’ve seen her too many times, but I stay with fan because she is so nice and beautiful beside with her excellent talent and more…I admire her as a person, and make me laugh. I don’t know Gerald that very well…but the way I see he inlove with her and it looks like she like him too. The last time I see Sarah when she come over in Las Vegas that was last year. My advise for you Sarah is more careful and get to know him and her family. And of course you can’t see if you don’t bond with him. Just to make sure who he is first, it seems like he is very caring, romantic man and very responsible guy. His mom very nice lady, so his brother. More time bonding with him and communicationn is total key…….of getting to know the person. Well see how it turn out. Love you. Looking forwrd with SARAH G LIVe and soon Birthday bash in 7 July. More blessings to come.

  22. jo ann says:

    hello sarah,,,just continue to be a good person youre so beautiful inside and out…follow your heart but always pray to God to give the best man to you,,,and sana nga si gege na yun…basta sa lahat ng yan si God lang ang matatakbuhan mo kaya hingin mo lagi ang guidance nya especially now na nasa pakikipagrelasyon ka na po..pray na malayo kayo sa mga bad things and temptations..love kita and umiiyak din ako nung time na lumuha ka sa love…pray lang lagi at magiging ok ang lahat…love u both ni gerald…mwah…please dont change..stay humble and God fearing..

  23. hello Sarah you are a good person full of humility and kindness apart from being beatiful,,you also have a good heart,.do not let your heart be trouble,.Sarah trust God and put Him first as a center of any relationships that you have right now,Pray for guidance, dont stop to love for that Love has been a source of inspiration to a lot of people,,we love you Sarah you are a true insperation and role model ng iyong generation.npaka sincere mo sa lahat ng bagay,.and i pray na ang lalaking mkakasama mo for life eh un tunay at faithful na katulad mo., God Bless you iha,..

  24. rain quirino says:

    Hi Sarah, i am your fan just when i first saw you from TV series Idol and i was starstruckly frozen on you…well, before i begin with my little message here’s a brief lines for you to keep. ” always be a woman of the world , have trust in yourself,always look and act smart and stay as sweet as you are…and a talented pretty girl like you should not need worry about love..love is always around you…better be choosy than fuzzy..your parents,relatives,friends and your Popsters family always there to love and protect you…sensefully cherish the warm embrace of the blessings that you received and God always reminds you to take care of the talents He gave you…you’re lucky…hindi pangkaraniwang talents ang meron ka na truly a gift from God….and that made you really AMAZING…total performer ka…kaya don’t be in a hurry for LOVE…the right man to be or he will be there besides you instantly when Almighty God says…”It’s OK Sarah ” …God bless you always and keep yourself always healthy we love you !!!

  25. talitz says:

    sarah.matagal nang panahon na humanga aq sa isang tulad mo,nafocus aq sa religious organization noon kaya madinig q man pangalan mo labas lang sa kabilang tenga.nw i see u through internet and heard your songs..i admire u at once,the way you smile,you talk ,pictures clearly that you are a God fearing child.. I appreciate also your loveteam with gerarld..i also smile laugh even alone when i see you both. same have tantalizing eyes that when you look each other sparkled matters which give us a kilig to the bone feelings.. you have a perfect chemistry.. as you said love can wait f the feeling is true..stay good and lovable.

  26. Josephine says:

    Our Dear Sarah: Falling in Love and experiencing having a partner in life are one of the best feeling one could ever have. In every relationship, walang kasiguraduhan, walang assurances kumbaga. There’s no such thing na lagi happy ending. If you have this kind of love already, do not be afraid. Explore together, hold on together, pray together! Kailangan ipakita mo rin sa taong mahal mo na importante siya without being impolite sa parents mo. Remember, kayong dalawa ang gagawa ng future niyo. Always pray to our God Almighty for guidance, humility and love. Ipag-pray mo palagi ang relationship niyo. Trust and love always comes together. Enjoy your life being young. And sa family mo, they will always be there for you no matter what happen at kami din na nagmamahal sa iyo. God bless you always and I will always pray for you and whoever gives you that blooming face and happiness aura everytime I see you on screen. Take care!

  27. Eilivoj says:

    Hi Sarah, im an big fan of u..sana nmn wag kang matakot umibig ulit..u know its so nice to love and be loved in return…u are mature enuf nmn na..experience mo nmn sa edad mong yan ung maging socialize..go out with frenz or sumone else kc when u missed up all this thing u will regret and u can never return it bak..at least pag na experience mo yan wat ever the endeng u will be hapi and u will understand the real meaning of life..TRY TO GIVE A CHANCE THE MAN (gEge) WHO RILI VALUE U,LOVE U, AND RESPECT U NOT ONLY BECOZ U R SARAH G. ON SCREEN BUT ALSO AND OFFSCREEN..:)

  28. joyce says:

    Hi sarah….bagay na bagay kau ni Gerald…wag kaung matakot n ipakita kung ano talaga nararamdaman nyo sa isa’t isa. Pareho kaung mababait n tao… idol q kau preho…Luv u Sarah…

  29. sarahfanatix says:

    hi Sarah!

    Being in love and loved by someone is the greatest feeling anybody could ever felt. Kung e2 man ung nararamdaman mo ngaun, express it! Show it! Of course in a good way. Don’t let a day pass by without showing and expressing ur feelings to the man you truly love just because u r afraid of what may happen or what other people may say. Yes, you committed mistakes b4 but now you know what it has taught you. Learn to explore things on your own. If you think you are doing it wrong, you can always look back but never turn back. That’s life. Sometimes it hurts you, but most of the times it gives you happiness. Embrace it baby. We are plenty her praying for you. Lots of Love!!!

  30. Sarah, you have everything you could ever ask for, biniyayaan ka ni Lord ng bonggang bonga! You should not rush into falling in-love with someone just yet, gaya nga ng sabi mo, “Good things come to those who wait” and I agree nman. Huwag mo lang kakalimutan na mag-thank you kay Lord. What I also like about you is that you love your fans to death, and we thank you for that. Kumbaga, kaming mga Popsters muna ang pansamantalang BF mo habang si Mr. Right ay hinihintay mo =D. When Mr. Right comes along, sana mamahalin ka nya ng sobra sobra ng higit pa sa gusto mo,treat you like a Queen like you truly deserve kasi napakabait mong tao sa lhat, sana lhat ng mga artista kasing bait at professional mo. Kung hindi mo naranasan yung first heartbreak mo you’ll never learn how to ease into falling in-love again,buti at ngayon ang dami mo ng natutunan sa pagmamahal, na kailangan hindi patago but at the same time, may privacy din. Also sana makalabas ka din kasama ang mga kaibigan mo na walang kasamang parents kasi kailangan mo din nmang ma-experience yung paglabas labas diba and your parents should trust you enough to go out on your own kasi one day nman you’ll have to live by yourself and be independent.
    Sarah sana matagpuan mo na ang lalaking magmamahal sayo all the days of your life and have a family. Just don’t rush into things, what happens, happens. Wish you all the best! Hope to see you soon on your birthday concert! Uuwi para lang makapanood ng concert mo! Ganyan kita kamahal Sarah!!

  31. sherryl says:

    hi sarah idol n idol talaga kta lam mo la talaga akong hinahangaang artista pero cmula ng mapanuod kta sa asap kaw lng ang nabubukod tanging artistang hinangaan ko.your so talented kaw lng ang artistang kayang gawin lahat and yet theres more n kaya pang ibigay ung bang artista n me laging surprise n ibibigay sa mga audience niya kaw lng nkakaggawa nun and when it comes to attitude you are certainly a role model for the youth,conservaive,religius,obedient kumbaga you are every parents wish to be teir child.kaw n tlaga.Ang advice ko lng when it comes to love just enjoy being happy enjoy every moment with ur love..sbi nga nla life is too short live life to the fullest pero syempre there are certain limitations lam mo n un kung ano un di ba bilang babae.gaya din nating lhat we all wish for the right one that we will make us happy..bsta hingi lng ng signs ke God kung tlagang c Ge na nga pero kung hindi pa wag matakot masaktan ulet atleast you experienced the wonderful feeling of being live and be inlove…gooluck sarah i wish you all the best sana mkapanuod ako ng birthday concert mo..idol k nming magkakapatid dito…stay happy always!!!!

  32. sherryl says:

    hi sarah idol n idol talaga kta lam mo la talaga akong hinahangaang artista pero cmula ng mapanuod kta sa asap kaw lng ang nabubukod tanging artistang hinangaan ko.your so talented kaw lng ang artistang kayang gawin lahat and yet theres more n kaya pang ibigay ung bang artista n me laging surprise n ibibigay sa mga audience niya kaw lng nkakaggawa nun and when it comes to attitude you are certainly a role model for the youth,conservaive,religius,obedient kumbaga you are every parents wish to be their child.kaw n tlaga.Ang advice ko lng when it comes to love just enjoy being happy enjoy every moment with ur love..sbi nga nla life is too short live life to the fullest pero syempre there are certain limitations lam mo n un kung ano un di ba bilang babae.gaya din nating lhat we all wish for the right one that we will make us happy..bsta hingi lng ng signs ke God kung tlagang c Ge na nga pero kung hindi pa wag matakot masaktan ulet atleast you experienced the wonderful feeling of being love and be inlove…gooluck sarah i wish you all the best sana mkapanuod ako ng birthday concert mo..idol k nming magkakapatid dito…stay happy always!!!!

  33. khem says:

    hi ate sarah..im ur fan talaga since noon pah..ur such a good example kc sah mga youth ngaun nah tulad koh dats why i realy appriciate wat you’ve done…how i wish nah mkta kta sah personal..dn paano poh mging isang popsters ??ask koh lng poh…salamat..keep it up teh sarah..and GOD BLESS U ABUNDANTLY..;)

  34. Tina says:

    Hi Sarah actually I’m not really a fan until I know na Gerald s courting u and I’m very happy na he did tell it publicly. After I learn it I watch all of your videos even nsa asap kpa pti s the buzz lahat ng video niu n gege. I’ll jzt wish u good luck with ur succesful career and specially s love don’t rush if he can wait eh di totoo nga ang love Nia.one more thing sna u can go out on a date with ur friends sa bar o travel abroad pra Ma experience mu nmn total u have the money try to explore things nahndi mupa nagagawa on your own ur not getting any younger kac puro parents mu lang nkikita ko s mga video they should hav trust u kelan mu pa gagawin hope ur reading this thank u and God bless. Don’t be afraid to fall inlove

  35. ap says:

    Hi sarah,
    1. Stay as simple, loving and gracious as you are right now.
    2. Learn from your mistakes but dont dwell on them too much.
    3. Love someone deserving but keep your values.
    4. Choose your man wisely.

  36. margareth says:

    when you feel that you’re ready in all aspects (emotionally, spiritually, physically), when you feel the passion & the intensity of it, when you feel the love & see by your eyes & goes in to your soul, when you feel that feeling is mutual, when you feel you are prepared to endure in-differences,
    and as Leana Bartram says: “True love is when your heart and your minds are saying the same thing” & by Richard Bach:
    “True love stories never have endings”

    hope if you feel it now then go ahead with Gods’ guidance & with respect to your family let them know, open it with them in sitting over in a serious talk..

    Sarah G. ” this is my favorite religious quote that i always apply in my day to day living: ” God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things i cannot change, COURAGE to accept the things that i can, and WISDOM to know the difference”.

    having a commitment won’t affect your stardom unless you looses your control….balance is important heart & mind !!!!

  37. Mikay says:

    I think Sarah need to read the book “Why men love bitches”. Para maintindihan niya ang mga lalaki. Kung bakit mag sasawa ang lalaki sa NICE GIRLS. Wala kasing excitement sa NICE GIRLS. im not saying na mag wala ka or what. Basta basahin mo.

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