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January 20, 2014 - Posted by admin

It’s the comeback we knew that would happen, but our jaws still dropped when it finally did! The one and only Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo performed on ASAP 19 for the first time this year, and we just got struck by a realization: SHE NEVER STOPS BEING AWESOME.

Sarah sang and rapped her way to M.I.A.’s Bring the Noize for the opening of the show which just left us astounded, if not spazzing like the fangirls/boys that we are. Check out this ear+eyegasmic performance:

But the spazzing did not stop there, Sarah also shared a world-class number with Charice, Klarisse de Guzman, and Angeline Quinto, singing Just Stand Up. All these exceptionally talented singers in one number definitely did not fail to make the audience stand up and give them a well-deserved applause and loud cheers!

Finally, the most-awaited performance of the phenomenal partners in singing, Sarah and Bamboo, stole the show. The Voice of the Philippines coaches’ rendition of A Great Big World’s Say Something touched everyone who watched that it even trended on Twitter!

Check out this heart-warming performance by Sarah and Bamboo:

A lot of fans are saying that Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo and rock star Francisco “Bamboo” Manalac make a good pair as they performed a lot of amazing duets, including their own version of “Just Give Me A Reason” and “Iris.” The two first performed together during Sarah’s concert at the Big Dome last year followed by Bamboo’s guest appearance on Sarah G Live and later on a number on ASAP.

When asked how he feels about being romantically linked to Sarah, the former lead vocalist of the bands Bamboo and Rivermaya was quick to shy away from such showbiz queries. “I don’t even know how to answer that. I’m not ‘showbiz’ guys. I don’t know how to answer that thing. But I can say that we have great chemistry on stage, we perform well. That’s a special thing,” he said in an exclusive interview with Push.

As a musician, he’s equally amazed with their similar passions for their craft. Bamboo previously mentioned that he’s a perfectionist during rehearsals, but would just rock it out once he’s on stage. In the same way that the usually shy Sarah has always wowed her audience every time she transforms on stage. “She gives such energy to her performances and we sort of just mash it up. In fact, ‘Iris,’ that last song we did, we have never done it the same. Every single time it’s different. That’s the testament to [how spontaneous we work as a team]. Kapaan lang kami wherever she takes the song, wherever I take the song, we sort of find each other in the end.”

Photo (c) Mark Eric Von de Guzman

Photo (c) Mark Eric Von de Guzman

Asked if he’s willing to do a collaboration with Sarah, Bamboo said that it’s all up to ABS-CBN. “Yeah, why not? We can make an original song or something. ABS-CBN holds the key. They can just give me a call and tell me if Sarah and I can do a song or whatever.”

Although he’s mainly known as a rock star, Bamboo added that he has no problem performing pop songs as well. “I don’t really overthink things. I just want to try to be myself. I’m still a badass. But you know, I just play from the heart, sing from the heart. Sarah mirrors that. It’s a great pairing on stage.”


May 16, 2013 - Posted by admin

It was one of the most epic collaborations for a concert ever. Sarah Geronimo and Bamboo came together on stage to perform the hit Goo Goo Dolls’ song Iris during the popstar’s 24/SG concert at the Araneta Coliseum. The Official Website of Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo

Their undeniable chemistry on stage is so phenomenal that every person at The Big Dome just watched in awe, mesmerized at how these two incredible artists made this one song an unforgettable anthem that signifies their equally remarkable duet.

Watch the video below and see for yourself:

May 9, 2013 - Posted by admin

Sarah Geronimo and Bamboo, coaches in The Voice of the Philippines, performed their rendition of P!nk’s Just Give Me A Reason at the ABS-CBN Trade Launch last May 7th. Watch the video below:

And here are some photos of Sarah and Bamboo during the launch: The Official Website of Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo The Official Website of Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo The Official Website of Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo The Official Website of Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo The Official Website of Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo The Official Website of Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo The Official Website of Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo The Official Website of Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo





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